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At Bright Green Future we carry out a broad spectrum of administrative tasks for a wide range of businesses.  As virtual assistants, we take on the more mundane tasks that interfere with the most important apsects of your business, like sales and creativity.  We carry your administrative burden using our staff, our office space and our equipment, thereby freeing you to carry out the work that you do best and saving you money in the process!

A Virtual Assistant can do it for you


Virtually anything that can be done using a computer can be done by a virtual assistant.  Basic administration, typing and customer support tasks,  to blog creation and integration, to event invitation, interest generation and follow-up - we look after it for you and ensure that the work is done on time.


Everyone needs a Virtual Assistant


Whether you're a multi-national corporation or a one person enterprise; whether you know precisely what you require or are floundering in a sea of confusion – we’ve got you covered.  A virtual assistant sticks with you. We get to know each other, we learn to work with each other and you only pay for the virtual assistance time you use.


24 Hour Coverage

BGF virtual assistants are based in several countries around
the globe, providing 24hour coverage for those need-it-now jobs!

You need us!

If you are temporarily snowed under with mundane, repetitive, time-consuming or time-sensitive administrative work - You need a virtual assistant.


It's a Bright Green Future


What does a virtual assistant do?

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Virtual Assistance at Your Fingertips
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Every day millions of people leave their heated homes and their computers and their telephones and drive their cars to offices where they switch on the office computers and use the office telephones and switch on the office lights and turn up the office heating and use the office tea room and the office toilets and ..........
Would you like to save money?
Would you like to pay employees only when you need them?
Would you like to improve efficiency?
Would you like to do these things AND help the planet?
Contact Us and together we can create a bright green future 
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